Deuterium Lamp

ผลิตภัณฑ์ Deuterium lamp ขายในนามของ Heraeus Noblelight(Ltd.) มีจุดเด่นที่แหล่งกำเนิดแสงที่มีความเข้มสูงและความคงที่ของแสง
สินค้า D2 Lamp หรือ Deuterium lamp ทางบริษัทมีสินค้าครอบคลุมสำหรับเครื่องตระกูล Spectrophotometer และสำหรับเครื่อง HPLC  สนใจสามารถติดต่อรับส่วนลด หรือรับรายละเอียดสินค้าเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ 02-9715800 หรือ 08-6332-7470,08-1823-4027


Deuterium lamp with quartz or UV glass bulb

High stability long-life and high-intensity deuterium lamps. Using the latest material and process technologies, Heraeus new lamps combine lifetime more than 2,000 hours with unmatched output stability and intensity over their entire life. This sets them apart from other long-life lamps on the market and makes them the ideal choice for high-end (U) HPLC instruments or UV-Vis spectrophotometer.

D2 Lamp

 Product Information

  • The “Enhanced Lifetime Performance (ELP)” technology for Heraeus with a high transmissive synthetic quartz envelope, maintain twice the residual intensity compared to standard D2 lamps at the end of life. The patented ELP coating protects the light emitting part against degradation caused by VUV radiation and reactive plasma components.
  • See-through versions of all lamps available See-through lamps offer a straight-line arrangement of a tungsten halogen lamp and a deuterium lamp in an optical system. Simplification and cost reduction of UV-Vis spectrophotometers can be achieved using this approach, for example, by elimination of a moveable mirror or a semi-transmissive beam splitter. See-through lamps offer the same unmatched high stability and are available with the same diversity of heater voltages and aperture sizes.
  • Different spectral ranges available: lamps are available either with UV glass envelope (cutting edge 185 nm) or with high transmissive quartz envelope (cutting edge 160 nm), providing maximum performance depending on your applications or instrument design.

Applications areas

  • UV-Vis spectroscopy
  • Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS)
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • HPLC


  • Less instrument recalibration due to improved intensity maintenance over lifetime
  • Better signal to noise ratio
  • Shorter sampling time
  • Higher throughput
  • Highest precision analytical results
  • Best price/performance ratio and lowest cost of ownership