Tungsten Lamp

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Tungsten halogen lamp for analytical instruments

W Lamp

Heraeus has designed a series of tungsten halogen lamps (TH) specifically for use in analytical applications. Special quartz envelopes enable high transmission below 380 nm and the position of the tungsten filament is closely controlled through precise alignment. The lamps offer high colour temperature, luminous efficacy and long life. TH lamps are filled with a halogen gas mixture specific to their final application and range from 5 W – 200 W, with typical lifetimes of more than 2,000 hours. Lamps can be designed and built according to OEMs specific requirements, such as colour temperature, voltage, wattage and mechanical tolerances. Each lamp fit for purpose, ready finished to drop into the instrument. No pre-selection required.

Applications areas

  1. UV/VISIBLE Spectroscopy
  2. Thin Film Measurement
  3. Medical Analysis
  4. HPLC


  1. Non UV blocked quartz envelope
  2. Good transmission below 380 nm
  3. Output in 300-3000 nm supplements D2 output
  4. Accurate positioning of filament
  5. Precise alignment with instrument aperture
  6. Optimised optical and electrical properties
  7. Increased performance and life