Planetary Ball Mill

Advantages :

  1. High uniformity
  2. Excellent repeatability
  3. Convenient operation: belt replacement is not needed; Gear drive mode offers an effective solutions to problems caused by belt drive mode, such as belt creep, and belt abrasion.

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Planetary Ball Mill

Application :

QM series planetary ball mill is the requisite equipment for mixing, fine grinding, small sample preparing, new product development and small volume high-tech material production. The product has small volume, complete function, high efficiency and low noise. It is the ideal facility to acquire research samples for research institute, universities as well as enterprise laboratories (can acquire four samples in one experiment). If mated with vacuum ball grinding tanks, it can grind samples in vacuum status. The product is extensively applied to in the fields of Geology, Mining, Metallurgy, Electronics, Construction Material, Ceramics, Chemical Engineering, Light Industry Medicine, Environmental Protection etc.

Operating Principle :

QM series planetary ball mill has four ball grinding tanks installed on one turnplate. When the turnplate rotates, the tank axis makes planetary movements and the balls in the tanks grinds and mixes samples in high speed movement. The product can smash and blend various products of different materials and granularity with dry or wet methods. Minimum granularity of grinded products can be as small as 0.1 micron ( i.e.) 1.0×10-4mm)

Planetary Ball Mill 1

Features :

  1. Gear-drive guarantees high uniformity and repeatability of experiments;
  2. Fast rotational speed, high efficiency and fine granularity;
  3. Four samples with different sizes and materials in one experiment available;
  4. Stepless speed regulation; ideal rotary speed selection according to experimental results;
  5. Timed powering-off, positive and negative revolving if required;
  6. It features low center of gravity, good rigidity, compact structure, safety and reliable operation, low noise, no pollution, and small wear etc.

Technical Parameters :

  1. Drive Mode: gear drive and belt drive
  2. Operation Mode: two or four grinding tanks working together
  3. Maximum Loading Capacity: 2/3 of the capacity of grinding tank
  4. Feeding Granularity: soil material ≤10mm, other materials ≤3mm
  5. Output Granularity: Minimum 0.1um
  6. Rotation Speed: 0.4L:0~600 rounds/min; 2L: 0~580rounds/min 4L: 0~530rounds/min 20L:0-280 rounds/min
  7. Speed Regulation Mode: variable-frequency-control-type and program-control-type stepless speed regulation; manual or automatic timed positive or negative revolving



0.4L 2L 4L 20L
Power (W) 140 400 1500


Dimensions (mm)

472×325×325 750×480×520 750×500×580 1100×700×720
Weight (kg) 20 130 130