PG instrument T92+ Double Beam Spectrophotometer

The PG instrument T92+ UV-VIS Spectrophotometer is a high performance doublebeam spectrophotometer with a variable spectral bandwidth from 0.1-5nm,selected by a continuous variable slit. The instrument is fitted with an embedded PC extensive local functionality via the UVWin Software.


The Czerny-Turner monochromator with a holographic grating keeps stray light to a minimumand offers excellent optical resolution. The use of a photomultiplier tube as a detector offers exceptional sensitivity.

The T92+’s true double beam optical system coupled with an efficient and well proven electronic control system ensures high stability and low background noise.


  • Photomultiplier tube detection provides exceptional sensitivity.
  • Wavelength accuracy ±0.3nm (Automatic Wavelength Correction).
  • User selectable spectral bandwidth between 0.1-5nm.
  • User friendly design allows easy light source replacement and routine maintenance.
  • Sample compartment design enables use of a wide range of optional accessories.
  • UV-WIN software offers many operational and data processing capabilities and is supplied as
  • standard with the T92+.

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