PBA-B Generation M

Modular analysis system for determining alcohol, original extract, extract, CO2, pH value, color and many more parameters in beer and beer mixtures.

PBA-B Generation M 2


PBA-B Generation M

PBA-B (Packaged Beverage Analyzer for Beer) Generation M is a modular analysis system for the determination of all important quality parameters for beer and beer mixtures. The system combines a DMA 4500/5000 M density meter, Alcolyzer ME, CarboQC ME CO 2 meter and the PFD filing device. Optionally, the “pH ME Measuring Module” can be integrated in the system.

As the PBA-B takes the sample directly from the package, no sample preparation is necessary. The PBA-B performs all measurements (alcohol, extract, original extract and CO2) in one cycle. Therefore, the analysis is four times quicker than with conventional methods: The results are ready after only a few minutes.

A powerful team of four

  • DMA 4500/5000 M controls the entire measurement and determines the sample density with the highest precision. The measuring system is operated via a color touchscreen.
  • Alcolyzer ME determines the alcohol content with the utmost accuracy and is not inflenced by other beer ingredients.
  • CarboQC ME determines the dissolved CO2 content based on the patented Multiple Volume Expansion method.
  • The PFD filing device ensures the safe filing of the measuring system directly from the package.

Easy to use, modular and versatile

  • No sample preparation, short measuring time
  • Measurement directly from the package
  • Modular setup
  • Operation of the complete measuring system via one touchscreen
  • Color measurement and pH measurement can be integrated optionally
  • Analysis of soft drinks (Brix value and CO2 content) possible

PBA-B Generation M 3