MCR rheometers

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Features for Comfort and Efficiency

 Automatic recognition of measuring and environmental systems

The MCR’s modular concept builds on the simple exchange of measuring systems and environmental systems. This exchange basically organizes itself in a very short time – as ToolmasterTM (US Patent 7,275,419) automatically does the work for you, without any selections in the software.

Toolmaster™ is the only completely automatic tool recognition and configuration system for rheology. It recognizes measuring and environmental systems as soon as these are connected to the rheometer. Transponder chips in each accessory’s control cable and in the measuring system contain all relevant data, such as truncation, diameter, cone angle and serial number, and automatically transfer these to the application software. Error-free documentation and perfect traceability (21 CFR Part 11 compliance) are guaranteed.

Easy fitting of measuring systems : QuickConnect

QuickConnect additionally offers you mechanical ease-of-use: The quick-fitting coupling allows one-hand connection of the measuring systems and ensures fast, convenient system changes without the use of a screwing mechanism

Intuitive control of your device: MCR color display

With the MCR series’ color display you can manage the complete sample preparation procedure directly at the instrument. The softkeys under the screen offer you the same functionality as a touchscreen, but without the risk of damaging or contaminating the screen in harsh working environments. Physical properties such as normal force, temperature and gap are displayed in a clearly arranged, accessible fashion.

Permanent control of the measuring gap : TruGap™

Errors in gap size directly influence the accuracy of results in parallel-plate and cone-plate measurements. Precise measuring gap setting is therefore required to accurately measure rheological properties.

In rheological tests with significant temperature changes, like temperature sweeps, the gap size increases or decreases due to thermal expansion or contraction of the measuring system. This previously called for regular zero-gap setting at test temperature and calibrations of the Automatic Gap Control (AGC).

The patented TruGap™ system (US Patent 6,499,336) fully replaces these procedures: The gap is directly measured and precisely adjusted to the desired position independently of the temperature and thermal expansion. One single zero-gap setting suffices. Flawless documentation and complete traceability of the actual measuring gap is guaranteed.

TruGap™ measuring systems are based on a magnetic induction principle. Two coils are embedded in a magnetic
core in the bottom plate. An AC current flows through the primary coil, which induces a voltage in the secondary coil since the circuit is closed by a iron disc in the upper measuring plate. Based on this voltage, the gap size is consistently measured and adjusted.

Time-saving temperature certainty : T-Ready™

Rheological measurements are strongly influenced by temperature. Therefore, in addition to accurate temperature control, knowledge about the sample temperature equilibration is essential. The new T-Ready™ feature employs TruGap™ functionality to precisely determine when the desired sample temperature has been reached. Unnecessarily extended waiting times before tests are eliminated: T-Ready™ gives a green light so that the test can be started as soon as the desired sample temperature is reached.



The Key to Accuracy The EC Motor Technology

The air-bearing-supported synchronous EC motor (also called DC motor) is the key component of the MCR rheometer series.

Whether you perform zero-shear viscosity determinations of low-viscosity polymer solutions or measure highly viscous magnetorheological fluids at high shear rates and strains: The EC (Electrically Commutated) motor of the MCR series ensures accuracy across a wide viscosity range – from solids to liquids with viscosities lower than water.

The rotor of the EC motor drive is equipped with permanent magnets. In the stator, coils with opposite polarity produce magnetic poles. The magnets in the rotor and the stator coils attract each other, so that a rotating flux of current in the coil windings produces a frictionless synchronous movement of the rotor.

The torque of the motor is set and measured via the input current to the stator coils. Due to its unique design the EC motor features a linear relation between the torque and the input current to the stator coil, which is advantageous
for precise torque control and measurement. These and other motor characteristics considerably benefit your rheological measurements.

  1. The optical encoder
  2. The speed of completely digital control
  3. The air bearing
  4. The patented normal force sensor
  5. Space to work: The housing
  6. Maximum rigidity: The frame
  7. Compliance in check: The Isolign Piezo Flange
  8. Connections
    • USB interface for direct communication with computer
    • Ethernet interface for direct or network communication
    • 4 analog interfaces for triggering external devices
    • 2 auxiliary inputs for reading external devices
    • Thermocouple interface for temperature reading
    • Pt 100 interface for temperature reading

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