FIAlab-2500 System


The FIAlab-2500 analyzer offers complete automation of wet chemical analysis for water, soil, plant tissue and manure as well as meat, dairy and other food products

The ease of use, robust design and adaptability make the FIAlab-2500 the best choice for environmental and agricultural laboratories



The FIAlab-2500 System

Single or multiple parameters can beanalyzed sequentially using one FIAlab-2500 System. The modular system can be expanded for the simultaneous determination of up to four parameters

  • Determines nutrients including nitrate, phosphate and ammonia
  • Wide detection range of spectrometer and broad spectrum of light source allow multiple wavelengths to be recorded simultaneously – extending the range of concentrations that can be evaluated in a single run
  • Quantifies other environmental indicators such as sulfate, chloride and cyanide
  • Pre-configured for in-line digestion and/or amperometric detection
  • All methods are EPA compliant
  • High reproducibility and accuracy
  • Externally plumbed for ease of troubleshooting
  • Standard configuration with CETAC ASX-260 or ASX-520 autosampler
  • Small footprint – single channel unit measures less than 21cm x 26cm x 28cm
  • Low reagent consumption versus manual methods

FIAlab for Windows Software

FIAlab-2500_1FIAlab for Windows is specifically designed to control the FIA series of analyzers. The software is easy to use for standard applications and versatile enough for use in numerous customized applications. For advanced users the software has a user friendly script-based programming language. The available commands are presented in a floating list box. The user simply points and clicks the desired command, automatically adding it to the procedure. FIAlab for Windows software features:

  • Predefined methods
  • Multiple wavelength selection for extended concentration range
  • Program flexibility for custom applications
  • Import sample registration file
  • Report generation available in multiple formats and compatible with LIMS systems
  • Concentration analysis can be calculated using peak height, area or slope
  • Method development routines

Agricultural and Environmental Assays

Agricultural and Environmental Assays are routinely performed with the FIAlab-2500, including nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, phosphate, chloride and many others. The following table lists a few methods, typical concentration ranges, and sample throughputs. Additional methods for lower and higher concentration ranges, as well as for other analytes are available, please inquire. Some of the following methods can be performed with brackish/seawater samples. Multiple channel systems are available to process up to four of these methods simultaneously.

The FIAlab-2500 System For automated routine testing of water, soil and food

The FIAlab-2500 System from FIAlab Instruments, Inc. is designed to provide reproducible and consistent results every day – with speed, simplicity and cost efficiency.

The basic set-up consists of the FIAlab-2500 analyzer, software, spectrometer, flow cell, light source, fiber optics, tubing and connectors. This system is used for automatic wet chemical analysis of nutrients and other parameters in water and soil as well as in meat, dairy and other food products. Accurate determination of nitrite, nitrate, ammonium, TKN, total nitrogen, phosphate and total phosphorus is done according to EPA-approved methods.

FIAlab Instruments has been the leader and recognized innovator in the field of flow-based analytical techniques for over 20 years. Our instruments are used on all continents, including Antarctica. FIAlab Instruments works closely with world leading research groups within the flow and sequential injection analysis community. Our new product and application development is at the cutting edge of our industry.

Every FIAlab analyzer comes with a two-day training and installation package to make sure every customer masters their desired applications. You are guaranteed complete customer support through FIAlab’s 2-tier service contracts.


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