ECO COD Thermoreators

COD in 30 minutes!


  • Suggested for COD analysis using fast analysis test tubes
  • Suitable for determination of many parameters in waters and sludges


Sample preparation is one of the most important steps in every analytical procedure.

VELP’s thermoreactors ECO series can be considered as advanced solutions, suitable to satisfy different analytical needs and to obtain very high precision and reproducibility for the final results.

They have been studied for COD analysis and for sample preparation, by wet digestion, for the determination of metallic and non metallic elements on different organic and inorganic samples (minerals, alloys, food and feed, soils, sediments, biological tissues).

Starting from today, VELP Scientifica offers the possibility, by its programmable thermoreactors (ECO 6, ECO 8, ECO 16, ECO 25), to perform a fast COD determination in just 30 minutes!

Features and Benefits

Thanks to the introduction of the new 160 °C temperature, it’s possible to perform COD analysis just in30 minutes. Last result of the continuous development and improving of the analytical equipment, which is a constant factor in VELP’s philosophy

The solution for every need:

  1. Thermoreactors 8, 16 and 25 places, to perform tube tests with complete reliability and safety , thanks to the:  safety shield,  protection on the heating block (ECO 8 and 25),  safety thermostat
  2. 6 places thermoreactor for COD analysis according to IRSA –CNR italian official method. The 3 places reducer (upon request) permits to perform tube tests up to 18 samples simultaneously.

Among the main characteristics:

  • ECO 8 and 25 – Possibility to select 5 different temperatures (70, 100, 120 150, 160 °C) and 4 working times (30, 60, 120 minutes or continuous).
  • ECO 16 – Possibility to set reaction time from 1 to 199 minutes or continuous and visualization of the reaching of selected temperature (from room temperature to 160 °C).
  • ECO 6 – Possibility to set reaction time from 1 to 199 minutes or continuous and electronic programming for temperature (from room temperature to 200 °C).

ECO series have an acoustic signal at the end of working cycle with automatic shut off.