Consort EV200 Range Power Supply Units

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Consort EV200 Range Power Supply Units

The Consort EV200 power supplies cover the range of voltages and currents used with all Scie-Plas electrophoresis units, whether it is for routine low voltage horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis or high voltage applications such as isoelectric focusing and sequencing.

The voltage and current can be adjusted at any time during a run, and are displayed on the unit in bright, easy-to-read digits. Nine different program settings, each with 9 different parameters, allow more complex, multi-step techniques to be programmed and stored. All Consort EV200 power supplies include voltage ramping, automatic crossover and recovery after power failure as standard, in addition to full protection against overload and accidental short circuit.

Also introducing… The NEW Consort EV222 Power Supply

An ideal low cost power supply for routine horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis which includes many features of the Consort EV200 units: manual programming, timer, automatic crossover, recovery after power failure and a 3-year warranty.