Autoclave of Uniclave Series

Type A: Fully automatic, basic Model

Type R: Drying function based on Type A


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Main Features:

  • Microcomputer control system:
  • Sterilization process can be pre-set and completedautomatically
  • Solid mode, liquid mode and drying function of Type R
  • Simple and easily understandable control panel to showthe sterilization temperature, sterilization time and drying time at the sametime, pressing separate keys to set the temperature and time makes theoperation easier
  • System automatically monitors the discharging of thecold air to guarantee a pure steam sterilization environment and optimalsterilization effects
  • LED screen clearly shows the dynamic sterilizationprocess
  • 13 error detection procedures to monitor the normaloperation of the instrument


Safety Devices:

Self-induction interlocking devicesto avoid risk of misuse
Dual overpressure protection system:upon detection of any abnormal pressure, system will relieve pressures ordisconnect power supplies
Over temperature protection system:power supply will be disconnected for protection upon detection of overtemperature
Dry scorch protection system: powersupply will be disconnected for protection upon detection of overlow waterlevel
Cover checking system: system canautomatically check the locking of the cover, if the cover is not tightlylocked, the autoclave can’t be started
Electric leakage, over current andshort circuit protection: system will disconnect the power supply to avoid anelectricity shock or other accidents
Unique anti-scald cover and bench:nice look and avoid causing corrosions and scald

Specification Table

Model FD36A FD50A FD80A FD100A
FD36R FD50R FD80R FD100R
Model difference Model A:Standard  Model R:A+drying
Capacity(L) 36 50 80 100
Outer dimension(L*W*H,mm) 460x542x960 460x542x1070 620x680x1042 620x680x1222
Sterilization chamber (Dia*mm) φ325×460 φ325×670 Φ400×709 φ325×889
Rated power supply 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Rated power(W) 2300 2600 4600 4600
Working environment 5℃-40℃, relative humidity 10%-85%
Chamber material SUS 304 stainless steel
Sterilization temperature 105-135℃
Stainless steel basket(Dia*H,mm) (φ300×200)x2 (φ300×200)x3 (φ360×280)x2 (φ360×220)x3
Sterilization time range 1-300 min
Drying time range 1-300 min(drying function only for R series)
Range of pressure gauge 0-0.4Mpa
Controller Microcomputer control system
Mode Solid mode, liquid mode
Safety Device Self-induction interlocking device, lid closing checking, over temperature protection system, dry scorch protection, over pressure protection, safety valve, over current and short circuit protection, cover checking system, electric leakage protection, scald protection, automatic failure-inspection system
Standard accessories Stainless steel baskets, waste bottle, water plate, drainage hose
Optional parts Printer, printing set, stainless steel pails